Stronger Shoulders DVD

Release Date: 2006 This video leaves no stone unturned regarding optimal shoulder health. John spends close to 60 minutes of the video explaining the function of the rotator cuff muscles in relation to the scapula and deltoids. Trainers and lifters alike will benefit from this video because of it dozens and dozens of useful mobility, core strengthening techniques, and shoulder exercises. If you are a desk jockey or veteran weight-lifter, this video will help you correct any upper body postural dysfunction and strengthen the four muscles that make up the all important rotator cuff muscle group.

Who is this video product designed for?
Developing upper body strength is highly dependent on healthy shoulders. Without healthy shoulders, every upper-body exercise becomes painful and may lead to injury. Exercisers and weekend warriors alike can benefit from the this informational jam-packed video because it explains how the rotator cuff works and what you can do to optimize their function.

What will Stronger Shoulders do for me?
If you are a trainer, this information is invaluable to your clients. Most people suffer from postural distortions like upper-crossed syndrome and occasional shoulder impingement, therefore, the trainer is armed with useful exercises to prevent injuries or set backs from taking place. If you are a workout fanatic, the risk of over-training can lead to chronic pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and upper back. With Stronger Shoulders, learn what exercises you can start including in your workout to make your workouts efficient.

Review from buyer:
"John, I just wanted to write you to let you know I finished watching your Stronger Shoulders DVD. As a lifter for over 25 years and a trainer for the last 8, I cannot believe the amount of information I learned in 90 minutes. You are a very articulate professional that seems to be very genuine and educated. Your workshops seem to be very enjoyable and I can spot your enthusiasm and attention to detail with every shot. I could never understand how the mention of the "core" was supposed to work in conjunction with the muscles of the shoulders, but you made it very easy for me to digest the material and use it later on at the gym. Thanks for putting out a great product. I look forward to checking out your newest stuff."

-Glen S
Manchester, CT

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