Free the Hips DVD

Release Date: 2006 Only recently has the function of the gluteus muscles and hip rotators been mentioned when addressing those exercisers with weak cores and low back discomfort. In this video, John talks extensively about the function of the glutes in relation to the core and low back health; and demonstrates over a dozen key exercises and drills to safely optimize the function of the hips.

You will learn how to mobilize the powerful hip rotators through pre-habilitative drills and warm-ups, and learn what exercises expose poor glute function. Once identified through cues of observation, learn which exercises will improve their function and help strengthen them. Free the Hips DVD is by far, the most popular video product produced by John Izzo.

Who is this video product designed for?
John's workshop productions are designed to inform new trainers on advanced exercise techniques that may be useful when designing programs. Free the Hips is highly recommended for anyone that is interested in learning more about the functional utilization of the power hip musculature--trainer or fitness enthusiast!

What will Free the Hips do for me?
If you want to squat or lunge with the best of them, learning how to use the hips during lower-body movements is the key. If you suffer from low back discomfort, you will learn how to effectively use the hips to function properly so that the stress of the lower back compensation will be minimized and eliminated! The video contains a lecture complete with diagrams and exceptional video quality.

Review from buyer:
"I got a copy of ‘Free The Hips’ by John Izzo and there’s a lot of good stuff on this DVD. It’s a fly on the wall production that was recorded during a seminar where he explained the importance of hip mobility and muscle activation to other trainers.

First, John gives them a quick anatomy lesson, describing the location and function of the hip flexors and extensors. Then, he showed some examples of posterior and anterior pelvic tilt, causes of the tilt, and who’s likely to have some type of pelvic tilt.

Next, he gets to the meat and potatoes… specific exercises to help ‘free the hips’. There are various glute med and glute max exercises, psoas activation exercises, dynamic warmup drills, hip mobility drills, DL stretch, etc. Some of the drills he got from Mike Boyle, some of them he made up, so there may be some that you’ve seen before, and some that are new. John demonstrates them first, then has his students do them. He gets hands on a time or two to make sure the drills are done properly. I followed along, and while some were new and a touch awkward at first (like the cross over lunge), I could tell each move would do what it was intended to do – increase muscle activation and hip mobility.
John’s a very well spoken person, and has surprisingly quick feet! The total run time was 35 minutes, but it was full of useful info. I’ve already incorporated some of the mobility and activation drills into my warm-up."

- Steve Antel, NESTA-PFT

Free the Hips DVD: $19.99 
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