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"In a profession where your physique and coaching skills are your biggest marketing tools---it can be challenging to muster up the confidence to thrive in personal training. 
7 out of 10 personal trainers leave the profession after the first year because they don't make enough money.
Is it better customer service skills that you need? Is it more anatomy that you need to study? Do you need to exercise more yourself to look the part? Where does your confidence come from to really build staying-power in this industry? 
The fitness industry is a tough profession to maintain longevity in because clients and gyms are always looking for "new energy". Yet, your confidence levels are what can propel you to bigger salaries, more clients and positive reputations!"

I am often asked, "How did you manage to be a personal trainer for so many years without ever looking for something outside of the fitness industry?" Truth is..there have been times I wanted to quit the fitness profession...but I always talked myself out of it because I love to coach people. I love the responsibility that comes with helping others transform their lives. Let's face it...when you are helping someone lose weight or perform are--in essence--helping them transform their life. All the facets of life change once the physique undergoes changes. That is the beauty of coaching and being a personal trainer. And the confidence needed for that is widely important. That is why I wrote my newest book:
Building Invincible Confidence Levels as a Personal Trainer:  
A Short Guide with the Tools You Need to Help Build Your Confidence in Self-Identity, Customer Service, and Selling Fitness

"Building Invincible Confidence Levels" is an electronic book written by John Izzo
to help you advance in your career by sharing you the tools you need to build your confidence.
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