Secret Skills Book

"The book with an interesting and honest look at starting a career as a personal trainer, and gaining confidence by developing skills and characteristics you are already possess to ensure your success as a fitness professional."

A book by John Izzo, NASM-CPT, PES
Secret Skills of Personal Training examines the necessary traits that will help propel your career as a fitness professional into an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle. You will learn how to develop these skills and learn how to cope with clients through coaching and empathy. You will never view personal training as a job!

Written by a fitness professional for aspiring personal trainers and fitness instructors, you will learn the key teaching anchors needed to help change a client's mindset; learn how to "ease' into the fitness industry and gain valuable experience; and learn exactly what it takes to become a successful personal trainer. Don't be mistaken...this book is not about making millions and putting your business on "auto-pilot". This is a book on what it will take from someone aspiring to become a personal trainer to enjoy and achieve longevity in the field.

About Secret Skills of Personal Training Book:
  • The importance of being a leader and a communicative person
  • How to gain observational experience in the fitness field
  • Starting the certification process
  • Developing empathy and being able to sell session packages
  • 101 pages of experience and situational interpretations
  • Grading a personal trainer's experience and validity
  • 25-point personal trainer check-list
  • Understanding which exercises will work with certain clients
  • How to retain clients and become to the "go to" trainer
Review from buyer:
"The first thing I have to say is that I have never read or seen a book like this that covers the topics John does. So if they are out there, they aren't very good. John touches on a lot of areas that I haven't seen covered in any other fitness education materials, and I have read a lot of them. While he does mention that it isn't a sales book he does cover a lot of what is necessary to truly sell, not closing techniques and marketing advice, but how to be empathetic and learn what a client really wants. He does a great job of outlining the most ignored portion of personal training, the Personal part. Most people decide to get into fitness because they love fitness, not because they love people.

There is a huge difference and John does a great job explaining this and elaborating about necessary traits. The book is worth the cost for his "Instruct, Inspire, Integrate" model. It's just a brilliant concept that should be emphasized much more than it is. The best part of the book is that it not only gives a lot of great tips, but it helps you plan for how to get started. From just starting a career in fitness, to gaining clients, to keeping old ones while still getting new ones John covers it all. This product is defiantly a great buy for anyone who is thinking about a career in fitness. Even with a couple years experience under my belt and having read plenty of fitness education materials I picked up a lot from the book and am very glad I got a chance to read it. If you are the type of trainer who is looking at you schedule wishing you had more clients or wondering why your clients never stay, this book is for you. If you are in another field but thinking of making the switch to fitness, this book is for you."

--Danny King, Personal Trainer & Strong Man Competitor

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Of All the Things You Can Be
Chapter 2: Being a Leader
Chapter 3: History Check
Chapter 4: Getting Your Feet Wet
Chapter 5: The Art of Dabbling
Chapter 6: Starting the Paper Process
Chapter 7: Certifications
Chapter 8: The Wolves
Chapter 9: Empathy & Selling
Chapter 10: Understanding Cardio for your Clients
Chapter 11: Exercises That Should Be Taught
Chapter 12: Personal Trainer Validity
Chapter 13: Grading a Trainer's Qualifications
Chapter 14: Grading the Trainer's Experience
Chapter 15: Retaining Clients - Part 1
Chapter 16: Retaining Clients - Part 2
Chapter 17: Keeping You in Their Minds
Chapter 18: Conclusion/Articles

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