Thursday, October 17, 2013

Add Some 'Ummph' to Your Plank for Core Stability

The other day I covered a variation of the Dead Bug Drill using tubing or bands to add a bit of resistance to the exercise. Check out that post HERE if you haven't already. Albeit, not an isolated solution to back pain, but rather a tool in the box to combat back pain altogether. Today, I will give you another tool for your box. Again,  this exercise may be somewhat advanced for the sedentary client--I trust that you will regress to a more simpler version of the exercise. With any exercise, how can you make it easier or regress? Here are some tips:

1.) Unload it or use lighter loads (weights)
2.) Decrease amount of reps/sets
3.) Decrease amount of time held for
4.) Shorten the lever arm (working limb) of the exercise
5.) Break down the exercise in steps

To improve core stability, it has to be practiced. Once it is mastered without any movement occurring within the body, we should introduce some movement. In this example, I introduced a "rowing movement". This exercise is basically made up of a statically held plank off a bench or table, with a row suing a dumbbell or kettle-bell or any other piece of equipment. The main point to remember is that core stabilization must be engaged as the reps are completed. Notice in the video the stripe of my shorts never moves?

Intrinsically, the muscles have developed a communication between breathing with external loading and bracing. When you pick up something heavy, the torso should “brace”—tightening up and creating rigidity for the extrinsic muscles to power the load. Again, a constant state of awareness is necessary to maintain optimal back health during exercises. This exercise will place your spine in extreme positions and movements. Try not to “lose yourself” in the lift and keep your “thinking cap” on during execution of these drills.

This exercise is covered in the new product Fix My Back Pain. Packed with a tremendous amount of information for people suffering from back pain,  I've included a special report titled 8 Weeks to an Indestructible Back. The product is discounted at 52%--which is a steal!! Check it out and I hope you like my addition to it!


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