Wednesday, March 20, 2013

6 Weeks to Indestructible Knees - NEW PRODUCT

Knee pain is debilitating because it hinders locomotion. Unlike lower back pain or shoulder pain, knee pain is something that is felt with each step you take, each hop you jump, and each bend you make. Knee pain can really affect the way you train in the gym and the way you live your life. Personally, I have had my bouts with knee pain in the past. However,  I have learned how to decrease and abolish it so that it doesn't damper my training progress. 

Most people look at the actual knee joint when assessing symptoms from knee pain...that can be one aspect  of investigation...but as a trainer, I like to look at other areas of the body. Whereas some personal trainers will look at the quadriceps; physical therapist will look at patella tracking, and doctors will simply advise to "don't do it if it makes it hurt"...I like to teach people how to look at certain muscles of the body that may contribute to knee pain.

I like observing the foot when people complain of knee pain. I like observing glute development. And I like observing hamstring length.  The areas above and below the knee joint are crucial. Our strategy for improving joint health have changed over the years. I remember the days when I was told to perform the leg extension machine with a slight angle to "activate my VMO".  Those days are long over. Thanks to new information and products from quality sources.

Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal have created another very cool digital product that I am happy to say I've contributed to. It is my third time working with the guys and I have to say, I've gotten some great feedback from them regarding my contributions. They have come out with a new product called Fix my Knee Pain. This product is jam-packed with exercise videos and programs to help strengthen the knees and destroy anything remotely close to knee pain whatsoever. It is great for personal trainers and rehab professionals.

I'm not know as a "knee guy" why did they call upon me? In short, because I am a guy that knows how to get people that don't move more and move efficiently. I have built my business upon helping clients become active by ridding them of pain associated with weakness, joint dysfunction and excess weight.

As with any joint in the body, susceptibility to injury increases with age, activity levels and sport. As a trainer I have seen my share of clients with debilitating joint injuries. And with many joint injuries, most can be worked around. However, injuries to the knee have always taken their toll on individuals. Debilitating knee injuries or pain have always lead to a decrease in activity levels due to the pain experienced standing, walking or taking steps. These basic locomotive movements are the fundamental essentials for activity. With a decrease in activity levels, one will experience an increase in fat levels, lowered cardiac-work capacity, and decreased strength levels (mainly in lowerbody). As an individual becomes more deconditioned, expect changes in mental health—specifically depression and energy levels.

6-Weeks to Indestructible Knees is a complete program that covers fascia treatment, flexibility and strength. Everything is laid out--exercise photos and video links. report is only available by checking out the new product Fix My Knee Pain.

Rick and Mike have creates another great program that makes the knee joint strong from every angle--utilizing bodyweight, dumbbells, and bands. They touch upon foods that decrease inflammation and show you how to correct your squat. I can say enough about the quality of products that come from these guys. The information at your disposal is high-grade and can only make you a better trainer, lifter or rehab specialist.

Check out Fix My Knee Pain for 35% OFF until Friday.


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