Friday, January 4, 2013

12 Old School Thoughts to Make You More "Old School"

I get tons of emails and messages from readers appreciating my "old school" approach and genuineness that resonates through my blog posts. I've been called an "old school" trainer. For me,  the fact is its not hard to be genuine with others. I find it very easy to be myself; to be honest; and be as transparent as possible. When my inbox is flooded with messages thanking me for these simple attributes, it makes me wonder what is going on in the world today that is diminishing the "old school" way of life. Here is a list of some simply things that you can help you become more "old school" in an industry filled with "new school" antics and fads.

1.) Be honest with those that you need to be honest with. Doesn't necessarily mean everyone you come into contact with, but mostly, be honest with yourself.

2.) Don't be afraid to fail. In life,  there will be more failures than successes. If you don't want to believe this, you haven't grown up fully yet.

3.) "Are you injured or are you hurt?" I love this quote from the best college football movie ever made, The Program. Whats the difference? If you are injured, you can't play--if you're hurt, you can. It's as simple as that.

4.) Compound exercises will always boost your ego. I love deadlifts too, but you don't feel the weight until you 1/3 of the way through the lift. Want to build confidence? Get UNDER a lift.  Load up a barbell and place it on your back. The second you feel the sensation of 200, 300, or 400 pounds on your immediately, go into this "Gotta Do This" mentality. I've found this to be true with the bench press, bent over barbell rows, and anything squat.

5.) Workout like its your job. Punch in and punch out. If you are serious about training, it becomes a part-time job to coincide with your real full-time job or school schedule. can get in the way.

6.) Remember what is important in life. Posting your accolades on social media to receive pats on the back is like masturbating on video and then watching it over again. It doesn't make sense and is disturbing. Your ego doesn't inflate like that. Receive your accolades unwarranted from others that you have directly effected.

7.) Go to a concert or performance and just watch. Back in my day, you went to a concert and you headbanged, moshed or simply watched in awe of the performance. Nowadays, everyone has to whip out their cell phone and "capture" the moment. I think its more, "look at me, I was cool am I??" While recording the moment, you actually lose out on the moment. Think about it.

8.) Don't be afraid to talk about other things other than fitness. Honestly, I get tired of fitness fanatics or professionals that always talk about fitness, exercise, sandbags, or kettlebells. Show me substance. Show me what YOU are made of...what else embodies your spirit other than fitness? Character is more than one thing.

9.) Be responsible. Today's generation wants nothing to do with responsibility. They put more effort into evading it than accepting it and fulfilling some basic fundamental responsibilities like punctuality, common courtesy and being truthful.

10.) Be there when you say you will be there. This goes along with #9. Nothing tells me more about concreteness than when someone does exactly what they say they are going to do.

11.) Don't be afraid of callouses. Callouses are evidence of hard work. Think about it...carpenters, brick layers, auto-mechanics  and construction workers all have callouses somewhere on their bodies--usually the hands. Do computer programmers have callouses? Work your ass off physically everyday--as in the gym (see #5) and you will appreciate your effort. Your badge of honor will be those crusty, hardened patches of skin.

12.) Look people in the eye. Got something to say that means alot to you? Maybe you need a hug? Well, when you need one, make sure you look that someone in the eye when making the request. Looking others in the eye is a unequivocal showing of respect and 99% starts a conversation off right.


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