Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fix My Shoulder Pain Testimonial [video]

As you may have heard from other sources, Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj have teamed up on a new project called "Fix My Shoulder Pain". There are many upper-body exercises that may seem beneficial to the growth of deltoids, but some come with hidden risks. Rick has done a fantastic job outlining which exercises can be detrimental to shoulder health and has given you a "road map" of exercises to avoid and include into your program. 

I've documented my own journey through shoulder pain and surgery and recovery many times in the past. Since 2002--after a bout of post-surgery rehab--I have not suffered any kind of shoulder pain. We all know that whenever there is shoulder pain, all upper-body training comes to a halt. Sure, you can train through it and pretend that your winces and grunts are associated with the amount of weight you are lifting--but who are you really kidding? The pain can become unbearable and can lead to further damage to the shoulder. 

Along with this great product  the guys have added in a bonus. One of the cool "add-on" bonuses of the is a program I developed called 8 Weeks to Indestructible Shoulders. It is an 8 week program that is structured in phases for the shoulders that includes mobility, stability, flexibility, strength and power. The exercises detailed in the program are arranged in specific order to be followed through the phases. It is a fail-proof program to keep the shoulders strong and powerful. Here's what I have to say about it:

Check out the product.I don't have any doubts that it is nothing short of beneficial for you. The shoulder is a joint that shouldn't be fussed or neglected. Unlike a headache that can go away after a few hours, shoulder pain can last for months. And if you go months without upper-body training, strength and size can go out the window.


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