Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who Trainers Really Train....

A couple of weeks ago I had posted a clip of a lecture regarding who personal trainers tend to wish they trained. The Facebook post and clip received alot of feedback and was shared by many simply because of the 'touchy' subject I talked about. Here is the clip if you haven't gotten a chance to view it:

The premise behind the lecture above was to let trainers know that "it's okay" to not train athletes. The stigma in the fitness industry is if you are a fitness professional or strength coach that works with athletes, you are part of the upper-echelon of the fitness industry. This assumption can't be further from the truth and the video above is my opinion on the matter.

The stigma stems from the fact that most athletes require high level coaching and exercise programming. Athletes exhibit more body awareness and will to take their bodies to physical extremes. In the eyes of the public, this translates to a more competent coach--one that understands the sport and knows how to "tame" an athlete. 

As a fitness professional of 13 years, I am here to tell you that this assumption can't be further from the truth. Most personal trainers entering the industry will end up working with regular Joe's and Jane's. The general population client makes up the majority of all client rosters and provides the most income for personal trainers everywhere. There is a challenge that comes with working with the general population client (GPC). Those challenges range from:

1.) Work 
2.) Time Management
3.) Family Obligations
4.) Finance
5.) Health Issues
6.) Physical and Mental Stress
7.) Commitment
8.) Support Factors

Most of these challenges are met with the personal trainer. Successful personal trainers know how to manipulate these factors to work in a positive manner [with the client]. Successful trainers also know how to incorporate "bang for your buck" assessments to provide the most effective feedback for exercise design. 

This topic is covered extensively by me in the new Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessments product by Rick Kaselj. 
I cover many aspects of personal training exercise design with the use of assessments for two key areas. The product is top notch and really focuses on speaking to the personal trainers out there. My contribution is  a lecture with assessment videos and Powerpoint. Check out the webpage for the product and you can view more video tidbits from me and the other contributors. I guarantee this video download product will help you with your clients and will make you more efficient at conducting unique assessments for your clients.


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