Friday, August 10, 2012

Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessment Endorsement

It has been close to 4 whole years since I have put out a fitness product. I'd like to think I have a few good reasons why. In the last 4 years I have managed to do a few things to keep me extremely busy like:

1.) Get married
2.) Open my own training facility
3.) Train numerous clients
4.) Have surgery and rehab a pectoral tear
5.) Have twin girls only 6 weeks ago

So you can see...I have had to prioritize my life a bit. However, when I am asked to contribute to a product that I really, really appreciate and believe it DOES help personal trainers...I have to squeeze it in my agenda and give it my best.

Rick Kaselj has been putting out great products for years. I've endorsed his products in the past because I find them to be very beneficial to the personal training industry; and they are quality tools of education. Rick is a guy that I respect and know that his heart is in making the fitness field better with his products. So I am instantaneously attracted to opportunities like this, and therefore, very excited to endorse the new Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessment and Exercise:

Like I mention in the video above, if I endorse a product and believe in it 110%...I have got to tell you straight from the 'horse's mouth'. I think you can appreciate that and it can make you more comfortable when researching the product.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessment & Exercise is chalk-full of great information from myself, Rick Kaselj, Nick Rosencutter, and Anthony Mychal. Some of the topics I discuss in my potion I believe are very helpful for personal trainers including:

  • Identifying the Client
  • Common Mistakes Made with Assessments
  • When to Implement Assessments
  • 2 Key Bang for your Buck Assessments  
  • Exercises to Help Improve Findings
Make sure you check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessment & Exercise. Rick has thrown in numerous bonuses with the product which really beefs up the learning experience and makes this product a virtual STEAL!

Check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed Assessment & Exercises HERE <<<<<<


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