Monday, June 18, 2012

Surgery Progress Week 3/4

Many people whom have seen me in the last 3 weeks seemed bewildered at how progressive my recovery has been since pec tear tendon surgery. I hear alot of comments like:

"Wow, he must be a real good surgeon!"
"You must have a good physical therapist!"

Or my favorite...

"Well, your young and healthy so you will recover faster."

The truth is a pectoralis tendon tear is not a simple surgery. Its rather complex and tedious for the surgeon depending on the severity of the rupture--which he really can't tell that well from MRI--so he kinda finds out the day of surgery.

The fact that most people think I am recovering so well because I am "young and healthy" forget one small detail. I am also very MOTIVATED. Honestly, when I spend my sessions in physical therapy and look around at the other patients in the room, I see faces of people that are bored, subdued, and disconnected from the rehab. I observe the other patients yawning and watching TV; rather than focusing on rehabilitating their bodies and overcoming their injuries. 

My age and general health are foundational prerequisites to my recovery; but they are not the driving force behind my timely progress. The driving force behind my progress is my WILLINGNESS, DILIGENCE, and DETERMINATION to recover within a timely fashion so that I may return to a normal functional life that includes activity.

Within 3 weeks, I have begun some light resistance training exercises for the musculature around the chest and performing a greater number of ROM drills for the upper right torso. I can't stress enough to anyone that is overcoming injuries or surgery,  that your level of determination and a degree of body awareness is vital to making a successful recovery. Here is my latest progress video for Week 3/4: 

I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope to inspire. I am not young--at least compared  to many twenty-somethings--but I am adamant about my training and getting back on my feet!


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