Monday, March 26, 2012

Creating Your Aura

An aura is a distinct and radiating characteristic about someone. It is also a radiating light that surrounds a mass; such as a shadow or ghost figure. Having an aura is a not a tangible thing; but a quality that allows you to light up a room when you enter it. You know the type of people that are the "life of the party"....or your friend, "the party animal"? These are people that have characteristics that project an experience of fun and enjoyment. Our parents may project an aura of warmth, compassion, and love. Our siblings may project an aura of understanding and honesty. Those auras are easy to emit because they are cultivated through life surrounded by family and friends.

But what about the aura you project when you meet a complete stranger? How fast does it take for that stranger to sense your aura?

Being in the fitness industry we "sell" alot of things that people don't see quite easily. It is very difficult for your 250 lb. client to envision themselves at 170 pounds if they haven't seen that kind of weight in over a decade. The harder part may be that they can't remember "what it felt like" to be 170 pounds. When your clients talks of his high-school athletic prowess, he is not talking about winding the clock back to 1966...he is talking about "feeling" good again about being in athletic shape. Of course its a good chuckle (to the trainer) to look at a guy that has gained 40 some-odd pounds over the last 20-30 years and speak of being a great corner-back in high-school; but there is something more to that recollection.

Clients want to "feel" something. No, no something they can touch, smell or taste. They want to feel an emotional stimulus. We live in an age of technology. And technology has created many "zombies" in our society. 

Society is lacking person to person connection. We don't talk to one another--we text. We don't talk on the phone--we email. We don't play outside--we stay inside and play video games. Customer service has declined. This disconnect has lead to an emotional stall. The emotional connections that we used to make growing up have become stagnant. 

And its time to create an emotional stimuli with society again, one client at a time. How does this start? It starts with creating your aura. What separates you from a crowded room of others? 

1.) Charisma. People often confuse charisma with energy. Charisma is "controlled energy". As a fitness professional, you are not looking to be an overly excited cheerleader, but you are looking to project power to influence a number of people. Your charisma can greatly influence your client at your first meeting. Look for the positive in others and believe that there is a way for you to help everyone. 

2.) Genuineness - Looking people in the eye with conviction and honesty is paramount. There is nothing that shows people more respect than looking them in the eyes and showing your true self.  Forget the sale, forget the month's quota---just speak to your client with conviction--know what you are talking about in and out-- and show them the respect. This simple act will resonate with them and reward you with a great reputation. 

3.) "Look for the Exit Sign". This is a metaphor for always finding a way out. Be the person that doesn't end a problem with "I don't know what to do", or "there is no other way". Be the person that finds a way out of any situation--even if its not the best way or the most realistic way. Finding a way to change your client's situation or your own, is a great way to build an aura. When people are confronted with a problem, they may be quick to give up or concede. Be prepared to look for a way out or a way that can change things around. Do you remember Macgyver? Macgyver was the guy that can find a way out of anything--and tried anything from building rockets out of PVC pipes or making a phone from a calculator. Open the doors in your mind and then help your clients open all the doors in their mind.

4.) Look Strong. Do you know why bodybuilder looked "weird" in the 1960s, 70s and 80s? Because they looked different from everyone else. They didn't blend in. Bodybuilders look powerful, strong, and confident. Forget the stigmas that they are dumb or vain. People that train hard and show it through their clothing still get stares in public. Why? Your body is a symbol of your character. If you keep it strong and feel confident, you will project your strength to others.

When you are strong, you stand up taller, sit up, and walk with your head up. You gaze in front of you and project each step and turn. You dictate your direction. You feel empowered. That empowerment is fueled by confidence and knowledge through the commitment you have made with yourself and your goals. How does that not speak volumes to someone meeting you for the first time? Admit, when you were in a class or room full of a large number of people, you can always spot the person that exercises? That person wore tighter clothing, spoke up in the group, and had a better looking body. That person had an aura. 

Your aura is what you make of it. It is not an attitude, although it can be created with one--it is a defined energy that is projected from you without directly or consciously administrating it. When you are around charismatic people.... you feed off their energy. Maybe it is an old school teacher, dear friend, or fitness professional? Here are some of the people in the fitness field that I believe have a  great aura about them:

Martin Rooney
Juan Carlos Santana:
Todd Durkin:


  1. Great, post Johny, Love it!

    You've got an Aura about you that transpires through my laptop monitor every time I read one of your posts. Passion is key, you can't fake that.

    PS, I've watched JC over the last two years now - the guy is ALIVE!


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