Thursday, December 22, 2011

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

It has been a great year for blog writing.Thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter (mainly I am still trying to understand Twitter!), I have been able to connect with some great writers and discover some awesome blogs. Writing a blog has its ups and downs. It's great to spread your opinions and expose how you do things with your readers; but at the same time, it is challenging to come up with quality content day after day. The better the content,  the more time it needed to write. That's the reality. Want to write a blog post everyday? Then you seriously need to sit down and type for literally 3-4 hours. Want a quality blog post? Then you better research your material before you advertise it to your readers. Want to rant? Then you better write in a manner that conveys your topic in a way that won't shut off the reader. 

I am proud of this blog. I have been at it for about 3 years and it has FINALLY started getting some recognition. I am grateful of that and enjoy spreading my material to whomever it helps. I don't blog everyday--simply because I don't have much time between training clients and other responsibilities. But when I author a good post, I am glad it gets noticed by others and shared. Here are my top 10 Blog Posts from 2011. Hope you've enjoyed them when they were first posted and if you missed them, check them out again!

Countdown to number 1:

10.) Understanding Compression When Squatting 
May 25, 2011
I think this blog post really does help readers understand what happens to your body when squatting under loads. People tend to think that squatting is a "linear" motion and the body responds in a linear way. The videos in this post have helped people understand that the body "compresses" when vertically loaded and if you are strong enough, springs back into its upright state.

9.) What Bob Ross Can Teach You About Coaching Clients
October 26, 2011
A great post that helped me use a figure that many 20-30-somethings will remember: painter Bob Ross. The white guy with the afro hair-style that would paint landscape artwork with fluidity, sensuality, and ease. The post really made readers think about their coaching style.

8.) 4 Gym Observations in 44 Minutes 
April 11, 2011
Everyone loves hearing about gym etiquette. This post was taken from an old article I had authored about my experience one day using a commercial gym for my training session.

7.) First Year as a Business Owner: Equipment Hits & Misses, Part 1
July 5, 2011
Everyone loves to hear reviews and status updates on a new training business. This post takes the readers through some equipment purchases I made that were found to be good assets and some to be space-takers. The post got alot of great feedback, that I created a Part 2 and Part 3.

6.) 3 Exercises That I Have Omitted from My Training
August 3, 2011
As I get older, I find myself cutting my training sessions to more of the "meat& potatoes" ---cutting out the side dishes. This post talks about 3 exercises that I have cut out of my regular training--but are still very popular in gyms today.

5.) First Year as a Business Owner: Equipment Hits & Misses, Part 2
July 7, 2011
I think Part 2 of this series became more popular because I talked about more practical tools for training. Pieces that cost a little less, as opposed to Part 1 where I talked about bulkier stuff.

4.) The Art of Over-Simplification
February 19, 2011
This post struck a nerve in many trainers. Rightfully so. Today, many trainers try very hard to "sound smart" to their client and this simply makes clients overloaded on useless information. If it cannot be simplified to make someone understand; then it's truly not understood fully by the teacher. 

3.) Combating Trainer Burn-Out
This was a great post for trainers that are feeling run-down. By its ranking at number 3, I guess that is alot of trainers!

2.) How a Chubby Trainer Became the Go-To Guy Among Dozens of Hard bodies
November 28, 2011
Wow..this post really went viral. With over 296 shares on Facebook alone, readers really loved this inspirational story--albeit, very true--of how I became who I am in the industry. People love underdog stories and I am grateful that many readers loved this post. I received a TON of emails about how this post and my story had motivated them to keep at it! You were probably thinking this post would be ranked #1? Me too...however, another post caught your eye! 

1.) Rubber Hitting the Road: When "Talking" About Opening Your Own Facility is Not Enough
May 9, 2011
This post hit number one and edged out my Chubby Trainer post by only a few more traffic hits and comments. This post caught the eye of some fitness industry giants because--according to them--I really hit the nail on the head! A great read about how ACTION is more important than WISHING.

There you have it! Thanks for following my blog for another year. 2012 will bring even more content, more videos, and more readers like yourself! Thanks and Happy New Year!


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