Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Top 5 Video Tutorials of 2011

This year I really made an effort to create more videos to help "illustrate" my thoughts. Writing blog posts are great and all, but video is paramount when trying to convey an idea to the masses. With that, this year I released a few "tutorials" to engage my readers and get them thinking more critically about their training, business, and programming.

All these videos have been featured in various blog posts over the year, so feel free to check out my YouTube channel for reviewing.

Countdown to #1:

5.) Cable Woodchop Quick Tip

I love cable woodchops---not medicine ball woodchops--only cable. Why? The cable provides a constant tension throughout the movement--much less than a resistance band or tubing, but still effective. However, after scouring the internet for a good video of a cable woodchop; I found the same "red flags" I typically see in my clients: improper hip stabilization that doesn't allow for optimal force production. I use the exercise with many of my golfers and although the golf swing doesn't necessarily match up with the drill exactly, the same hip drive components are important. In this tutorial, I talk about the need to stabilize the hips during the "separation" of torso and pelvis, and what simple tool you can use to accomplish this.

4.) Activating the Glute Medius with Band Drills

I have been using small bands for glute medius activation since 2002--right around the time I attended my first Perform Better Seminar in Boston, MA. The glute medius muscle is a crucial muscle in the hip complex that plays a big role in squatting and hip-dominant exercises. Typically used as a  warm-up exercise, this activation drill has worked wonders for people finally able to "locate and understand" where their glute medius muscle is.

3.) Low Trap Raises

I love low trap raises. Somewhat corrective in nature because so many of my clients lack proper firing of this huge scapular depressor, this drill can be added  to any upperbody workout as an auxiliary. Keeping this exercise tight is important because this small drill can be butchered by many simply by adding too much weight. All  you need is 8-15 pound dumbbells and THAT'S IT! This quick tutorial hits all the important points when executing this movement.

2.) 4 Steps to a Deeper Lunge

Without a doubt, my favorite lowerbody exercise is the lunge. Before the squat, the lunge is a great exercise to hit every part of the lower body. Because it's grade of difficulty varies, I need everyone of my clients to learn the lunge. Years ago, I wrote an article about the lunge and I decided to expand on that article with this video tutorial. If you are not performing lunges in your exercise program, you are missing a very important closed chain exercise. Before you answer with the typical "my knees hurt..." or "I can't get low..." line, check out the drills I give to help remedy all of this.

1.) 4 "E's" to Client Success

Truthfully,  this is what I do best:  educating other trainers on the intangibles of personal training. So many experts on program design, business success, bootcamp enrollment, strength feats....the list goes on....but  I pride myself on talking about REAL things that REAL trainers encounter. And I teach them --hopefully--in a manner that is easily understood and practical.

Hope you enjoyed this list and see you next year!!!


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