Monday, October 17, 2011

I Am Surrounded By Weakness

This is a post that has little to do with exercise or personal training...sort of. This post is just a general rant on the things I am seeing in society. Although, the title contains the word "weakness", I am not talking about a lack of physical strength. No, this is more about a lack of mental strength, toughness, or will. Some of you reading this, may really enjoy what I have to say and some of you may feel that I am being insensitive. With  that in mind, remember this....I don't know you and I don't know anything about you.

I don't know whats changed more in the last 10 years---me or society. I know that in the last 10 years I have really grown into my own and feel like I have more responsibilities and accountability  to my wife, family, and business. But overall, my core values and who I am remain intact. Those core values were instilled in me growing up and being raised by immigrant parents that demonstrated to me that working hard, not complaining, and always finding a way to succeed are going to be valuable to me as I grow older.

I would say I felt a paradigm shift in society after the horrific events of 9/11. We became a society of scared citizens. Not only scared of flying, but afraid to act comfortably and be comfortable in public. Soon after 9/11, technology exploded. Smart phones, lap tops, and high speed internet were becoming more and more common and evident in society.     I grew up with dial-up internet and was pretty patient when I was waiting for a webpage to download. Nowadays, I freak out when a page is taking more than 5 seconds to appear. What happened?

Somehow I feel that society has become impatient, entitled, and spoiled. Each night I watch TV with my wife, I notice every other commercial is one some sort prescription medication; or some info-commercial begging you to buy a ridiculous product that will guarantee you quick and easy results.  Often times, I laugh and cringe at the same time knowing that there are people in our world that will pay hard-earned dollars for these products simply because they do not want to experience the hard, long ways to attaining the same results. One day, I was waiting for my car while it was getting a routine oil change and noticed everyone in the room watching TV. I looked up and saw that they were watching and laughing at an episode of Jerry Springer. I thought to pitiful of society to sit and laugh at others' lives simply to dismiss our own reality?

I have found that the more we avoid dealing with things head on,  the more efficient we become at hiding away, avoiding pain, and lying. Society has become very efficient at disconnecting one's reality with the world.We begin to lie to loved ones and we begin to lie to ourselves.

I teach all my students that we try to accomplish two things when we incorporate exercise into our lives:

1.) Delay Death
2.) Avoid Disease

Its real simple. We want to live long lives with a care free mentality so that it does not disrupt our quality of life. However, our quality of life is filled with synthetic facets that minimize our responsibility, accountability, and courtesy towards others. We have become a society that thwarts responsibility for our actions. We lack a perception for consequence. We'd rather take a pill to decrease pain levels and keep us alert [throughout the day] or caffeinated drinks--simply because we refuse to manage our time better to eat right, take vitamins and exercise.
We make excuses. We have lost accountability with our decisions and actions. I remember seeing two people argue once in an office. One person was denying the fact that a stapler was taken off a desk and not returned. Once the owner of the stapler realized who it was and approached him; that person denied using the stapler and the argument escalated more than it needed to be. Think about it...if the person who took the stapler without asking had simply acknowledged and admitted to using the stapler without returning it--and simply apologized--the argument would not have taken place. Sometimes, simply acknowledging that your actions have negatively impacted someone else is enough to "squash" the situation and prevent it from creating a larger negative situation. 

But, we don't tend to do that.

Society is filled with alot of people that practice D.D.E. What does D.D.E. stand for?
Making Excuses

True weakness is shown when you spend more energy defending yourself in a situation that you are credulously wrong in...wasting energy in a situation that you continuous deny an act...and fulfill that denial with petty excuses. Losers commit this offense and it does nothing to contribute positiveness to society or one's self. I try to stay away from people that project this facade. I always believed that if you hang out with losers--you will end up a loser unconsciously. 

In my opinion, true strength is acknowledging an act that has positively or negatively affected others, and taking the responsibility to reverse or begin the process of making it better.

Society is filled with so many voids. We tend to feel the need to fill voids in our life with things that hurt us [in the long term].  For instance, if we cannot sleep, we take a pill to make us sleep. If we don't have the energy, we take a pill or drug to give us energy. If we do not know how to function in front of others or claim that we are "depressed", we take a drug to help us function better in public. If we cannot take pain, we take a drug to help us cope with the pain. The idea of dealing with pain has become obselete with the prevalence of prescription drug companies.I believe that experiencing and coping with pain [both emotional and physical to some degree] is a necessity of life.

These voids have overtaken our sense of who we are. We identify ourselves by our weakness. I hear it all the time from the mouths of prospective clients. They identify themselves with a weakness.They come to me and paint a picture of themselves as being victimized by disease, hereditary conditions, poor family relations,  and lousy childhoods. They have accepted defeat and have concluded that they have no control over the direction of their life. They have expressed their content with being weak. And this complacency is the very reason why they remain weak.

I implore you... if life has gotten you down or has gotten you down for a long is the time to get up and make a change in your life.


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