Monday, September 26, 2011

4 E's to New Client Success

Below is a little video tutorial I put together about my "4 E's to New Client Success". There are so many factors that go into making an impact on a client that includes creating an environment for them that will ensure their success. Many tend to think it is ALL about the exercise program itself---and although a sound exercise plan is a key ingredient---it is nothing without the proper support and adherence plan that needs to blossom. There are many factors that ensure client success. But I chose to highlight four of the ones that will gradually solidify a foundation. I hope you take about 8 minutes of your time to check out the video posted below. Feel free to comment!


  1. Good talk. I plan on using this for my clients and I'm not a personal trainer! I probably need one though. These principles would apply to a lot of provider / client interactions. Will bookmark.

  2. Thanks Matt! Glad you found the talk helpful and thanks for checking out the blog. Stick around!


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