Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Product Reviews

Last month I had a special promotion for my top 5 DVD products which was called Workshop in a Box. I chose this title for the product because it is literally over 6 hours of video containing both lecture and hands-on portion from workshops I have taught over the years for aspiring trainers and exercise enthusiasts. I had asked some purchasers to send me their feedback on the videos in an effort to gain some insight on what people think of my topics and overall product. I wanted to share some with you:

Aaron Gaines is a personal trainer working with clients at The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa in Ocala, FL; and he reviewed each video for me. Here is what Aaron had to say:

Stronger Shoulders: I didn't really understand the extreme importance of your rotator cuff until I watched this video. I learned that the rotator cuff is key to good posture, a strong bench, and pretty much any arm movement.
Free the Hips: Every single minute in Free the Hips is packed full of key information to general mobility and lower body strength. Best part of this DVD is the mobility drill performed. I use them as fillers with my half hour clients and I can already see improvements in their squats and general movement. This DVD is worth its weight in gold!
Moving More Muscles: The main thing that I took from this DVD is the fact that the more muscles moved equals more calories burned. That fact really hit home. Before this DVD I use to tell my clients before we start a exercise " Chest out and shoulders down and back", now its " Chest out, shoulders down and back, and set the core". Big difference. 
Shatterproof Spine: 90% of all the members at the gym I work at are 55+ and needless to say, golfers. So this DVD was right up my alley. The main thing I learned is the importance of keeping the spine in a neutral position. If you work in a gym that is mostly populated by retirees, like me, then this DVD is a must watch. 
Lunging to Improved Performance: Definitely the best out of the five! Ill admit that I wasn't a big fan of lunging until I saw how important it is. I use the information and tools I learned from "Free the Hips" to get my clients to start lunging and to start correcting their muscular imbalances that almost all of them have in their legs. This DVD is simply priceless!!

If you are new to the personal training industry and would like to continue your education; I highly recommend the products mentioned. The sale is over, but the videos are the best-priced products for their worth. Feel free to shoot me an email if you need more info:

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  1. I have the lunging DVD and it was great.

    I know the others are as well.

    Rick Kaselj of



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