Friday, April 22, 2011

Lunging to Improved Performance Feedback

I love getting feedback on how my blog posts and products help new trainers. I don't post them often because I simply appreciate them by replying with a "thank you" message--and drag their message into a "Feedback" folder where I can feel warm and fuzzy for the next time. But today, I want to share an email I received from a trainer who purchased my Lunging to Improved Performance DVD. Why? Because someone told me that testimonials help your image and your sales. So here you go:

I just purchased your Lunging to Improved Performance DVD---received it yesterday actually. Watched it as soon as it arrived and implemented some of the things on the video with one of my clients that night.

Wow! What a difference! She thinks I cured her knee pain when doing lunges, which isn't true! I just used better warm-ups and cueing techniques that you shared in the video. 

Most of my clients at the gym are in the 35-55 age range and even when they've been given the green light by their doctor to workout, something always prevents me from starting their their workout as planned once I see them start to move. 

One of my clients had her old trainer make her do walking lunges across a football field. Meanwhile she can't even do a proper stationary lunge! After watching your video, now I know that walking lunges are something that have to wait. Despite not really knowing it was advanced, I've never made someone do walking lunges when they have poor form. I'm glad to know my instincts are correct when I hear the horror stories from my clients about past trainers making them do walking lunges across a football field. 

I am a pretty new trainer. Been in the field for only a year since leaving a nursing career. Still, I have alot of questions. Seeing how injured my clients are, how their joints don't work properly, how immobile they are, etc. opened my eyes to what I was working with. It wasn't just about helping someone lose weight anymore. 

I intend to buy all your videos. The Shatterproof Spine DVD is next on my list! Thanks for providing all this info to people like me. 

 - -April, Chicago, IL

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  1. Good Stuff here! If your thinking about buying it, do it!!


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