Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Most Personal Trainers Mess Up First

I know the title of this post seems a little harsh and unbecoming of me, but truth is I am a very direct person and my advice, sometimes, can be unforgiving despite being solicited for genuine reasons. I'm going to reveal to you where most new personal trainers slip up and damage their careers as soon as they enter it. You don't have to pay me hundreds of dollars for this secret to be revealed; nor do you have to fly out to Las Vegas to meet with me simply to tell you something that you can easily figure out.

Most individuals enter the fitness field with a passion. We all this. However, once passion gets us into the doors, it is something else that keeps us working as a fitness professional: Results. A fitness professional that can get results for their clients day in and day out must keep up with the latest research and exercise program design information available. They must invest and attend numerous seminars and purchase quality products that will enhance their service offerings. 

 Not only does this continuing education contribute to the growth of a professional, but it helps develop a network of fellow trainers and colleagues. These networks help professional share ideas, outcomes, and strategies that will enable one to problem-solve more effectively and design the best possible training programs for their clients.

So far so good, right? So where do most personal trainers mess up? The problem with many personal trainers entering the field is they are in a "rush" to make money. I have spoken to many newly-certified trainers that are ready to build to develop their own business or studio within 2 months of entering the field. Although, I admire their sense of entrepreneurship, I believe it is a bit pre-mature. As I discussed in my book Secret Skills of Personal Training, it is not all fun and games once you enter the personal training field. There are responsibilities that you must identify with and none or them direct you to a wad of cash just yet. These are the big secret skills....

 Where does the problem lie? The problem lies where you have a new personal trainer entering the field filled with a passion to help people and it becomes misconstrued with opportunism. Many passionate young professionals are passionate and opportunistic. However, the sense of opportunistic is a great "hot spot" for many of today's internet con-men that promise to enlighten young minds with dreams of making millions in the fitness field. You've seen them and I am sure you have come across an email or so from these Internet "gurus". 

The secret to success is not chasing the dollar in personal training. That comes with experience. If you are good, the dollars will fall into your lap. With some refined business skills and community building,  your clientele will grow and your business will strive. Most personal trainers empty their wallets to "gurus" in hopes of finding out what that shortest route is to success. Truth is, there is no short route. Actually,  there is a short route...its called the Lottery. Your millions will be made in the lifetime of your business. Watch this video and learn. (Give it a few seconds to will laugh out loud and nod your head!) How Masterminds Recruit Gullible Personal Trainers by john12774


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