Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starting a PT Business - Part 3

Music is so crucial to physical conditioning because it stimulates and arises emotions in us that make us react--sometimes aggressively, more confidently, and more steadfast. Some music gives us a feeling of "good times", while other types of music reminds us of things in our lives that project an attitude towards the iron--this aggressiveness is controlled and very helpful when lifting weights. Types of music people choose to workout to is totally individual...there is no right or wrong type of music to listen to. Its whatever stimulates your emotions and gives you more motivation to give it your best.

Music also forms a congruency among exercisers. Fitness centers and studios have been using music to 'flood' classes for years. At times, it used as a tool to drown out grunts and yelps, other times its used to stimulate participants. Have you ever worked out in a quiet gym? Was it awkward?

I'm old school. I used to attach my Sony Walkman Cassette player to my waist and workout with that bulky thing. Imagine affixing a audio device the size of a tissue box against your size. Now try to perform some hang cleans or one leg anterior reaches with that. It will know you off balance!!

Because my new training space is small and confined, I wanted to be able to install sound so that it can be heard from all corners of the space, without having to 'turn it up'. I don't want my merchant neighbor above me being inconvenienced with music that is too loud; so I installed more speakers. And before you click to watch the video below, remember I said I am old school. That means I don't do iPods. Today I listen to MP3 players and CDs.

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  1. John this is such great information! I'm a personal trainer in CT and have my own small training facility too and I've used your blog to keep myself up to date! The sound system bit is so important, people don't realize the effect of upbeat music on your body and mind! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! feel free to check out my website anytime! Be well!


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