Monday, June 7, 2010

My Las Vegas Experience

It has been a while since I last posted and with good reason. My wife and I decided to embark out west to check out Las Vegas! I have always seen the famous Vegas Strip in the movies (Ocean's 11, The Hangover), but it was time for us to check it out in real life. The experience was absolutely awesome. The scene was overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. Every character I have ever seen or imagined in life was alive and well on the Vegas Strip!

Not to bore you with  my Vegas experience too much, I came up with some bullet points to share regarding my traveling experience.

1.) On the trip flight, I was able to finish Mike Boyle's Advances in Functional Training and Rick Kaselj's Core Stability for the Rehab Client DVD.  Boyle's text is simply amazing and I love the direct-ness that he uses when he writes. You always learn from Coach Boyle. If you haven't already read the interview we did, check it out here.

Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes

Rick Kaselj is a great exercise physiologist from Canada and a great presenter. His 3-disc DVD set Core Stability for the Rehab Client is a fantastic resource for trainers that work with anyone demonstrating postural deficiencies and post rehabilitative status.

2.) I cannot stand people that talk through their Bluetooth devices. I never know if they are talking to me or themselves.

3.) I admit it. I was a tourist this past week. But people, please walk with purpose. I cannot stand people that walk in front of me very slowly and aimlessly. Pick a target and walk to it. Watch where you are going too!
4.) There are tons of fake breasts in Las Vegas. Yes,  I do observe. I guess if you have it, flaunt it? Real or not.

5.) What is it with all the fat guys that wear Tap Out shirts? Are you serious?

6.) Here in the Northeast,  our time zone leaves us 3 hours ahead. So I think I woke up everyday in Vegas at 6am. With that, I was able to work out at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino fitness center. Working out on vacation helps burn extra calories because I tend to consume too many ;)
7.) Along with working out,  my wife and I did alot of walking in the extreme heat. The heat hit the mid-90's, but it was very bearable. In the Northeast,  our heat is very humid and "wet". We hiked down the Grand Canyon in dry heat and it was pretty do-able.

8.) Blackjack: should you "hit" or "stand" when you get 16? Man, this always gets me.

9.) My wife and I ate on  the "Top of the World" restaurant located at the Stratosphere Hotel Resort & Casino. Man,  I don't like heights, but I like great food! This is about as close as I would get to the window!

10.) I was warned...but now I know for sure. If you plan on going to Las Vegas, plan on spending alot of money! Some dinners were grossly over-priced. I paid $6 for a bottle of light beer. Here in Connecticut, I could've gotten a 6-pack for $6.

11.) The Hoover Dam is a sight to see. The engineering that goes into such a colossal structure is mesmerizing.

12.) There are still many people that smoke cigarettes.


  1. wow. i kinda envy you now. i haven't been to Las Vegas and i really want to experience it. is the old saying "what happens in vegas stays in vegas".

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, John. Trust you to be able to find learning opportunities in any situation, even the hilarious.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Rick Kaselj


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