Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Takes Balls, Hardwork, and Knowing Someone Doesn't Hurt...

For the last year,  I have been really catching up on motivational books, videos--particularly Les Brown:

We all have certain things in life that DRIVE us to succeed: It could be your family, loved ones, children, or the desire to be in a better place than you were in the past. As I get older, I realize that when you are married, own a home, and/or have children--your priorities change and you become "hungrier" because you have more at stake. I was in a different mindset when I was 22 versus now that I am 36. At 22, with some money from mommy--you feel like you can take on the world because you have no attachments; lesser responsibilities; and more freedom. But when you get older I realized that you have to STRETCH more. And I don't mean flexibility--I mean you have to stretch more in life to get what you want. As we get older, life becomes a game of compromises, time management, fronts, and choices. We cherish our time more, we savor our hard earned dollars, and we protect the ones closest to us. That is why we stretch even more because we have more on the line.

Lately, I have been watching alot of videos from fitness professionals talking about how they have "made it". Many of the videos are inspiring and informational. As a fitness professional myself for years, I find these videos helpful. You see, for the last 2 months I have been busy developing my very own training facility. Although it is small and sub-rented, it serves a purpose. It is an outlet for those that are "stuck" in dire training programs that lead them to nowhere and unchallenged. Getting this outlet up and running has not always been easy--but it does take risks.

Many in the fitness industry will tell you that it takes BALLS, HARDWORK, and TENACITY to reach your dreams. Sure they will recognize the risks involved including financial risks, ridicule, and time away from family. But what many of them fail to tell you (especially in their inspiring videos) is the HELP they received from others already established in the industry. You see, many of the great fitness professionals have had help from others to make it to the top...easier and faster. They have helped selling products, building mailing lists, having articles published, or creating an online presence. Do you know the power that a mailing list carries? If your product was sent to 10,000 people through a professional that has 10,000 subscribers believing, trusting, and liking everything fed to them; do you know how powerful that is? Do you know how easy it is for a total stranger with possible lesser credentials to be "sponsored" to these 10,000 subscribers? Do you know how many STEPS you get to skip to reach your goal?

I like hardwork. I like the feeling of accomplishing something with minimal help. It gives me the feeling that I am mentally and physically stronger and more competent to discover, research, and accomplish things on my own. It gives me confidence and prepares me for the unpredictable future. Not many people are like  that in the world. Many like to take short cuts; ride coat tails; or sell snake oil for profit. Honesty is more than a virtue onto others...being honest with yourself takes precedence in your ongoing development as a person and professional. Best of luck!

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  1. Great post John. There are no shortcuts to self-esteem!


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