Monday, May 10, 2010

Core Values with Alwyn Cosgrove

I am honored and humbled that Alwyn Cosgrove knows my name. Pretty heavy right? That's alot of accolades and respect to give to one person. Truth is, there is no one that has helped me grow as a professional more from the "inside" than Mr. Cosgrove. I have been training clients for money since the age of 22. I am now 36. And every-time I read Alwyn Cosgrove's work or receive coaching from him, I am amazed and flabbergasted at how much I don't know. I have managed 3 fitness departments for 3 different facilities; have trained clients for over a decade; and have educated over 200 students over the last 6 years--but I still miss many key ingredients in successful business and training models. Alwyn Cosgrove is my light, my GPS system, my navigator.

How does one end up working for Alwyn Cosgrove at his facility Results Fitness? Do you think that you just walk in there, flex your biceps, fill out an application and make it in? Think again. I posed this question to AC:

JOHN: Tell us what the process is like when you hire a new trainer to join your staff. What is the interview or vetting process like? What steps are niched into the process of working for someone like Alwyn Cosgrove?

ALWYN: "We hire for personality and train for skill. We all started somewhere so I'm happy to train staff in what we expect from them. I can send them to courses, give them books and DVD's to learn from and overall just "Fast-track" the skill set.

But you can't train personality or work ethic! So that's what we really look for now.
It's a multiple step process:

1) Send a resume and cover letter

2) Phone interview

3) In person interview

4) A six week internship

5) Join the team with a 90 day probationary period.

We probably see a drop off rate of 50% at each stage, and even completing the internship (where you will be trained in how to do everything in our facility - but you will be working) doesn't guarantee you a job. We have a strong team though and someone has to be good to get on the team. If you're not going to be a major addition to our team, then you won't make it through the steps. However, if you would be a good addition, we'll get you on our team even if we don't really need anyone at that time. One of our current staff was hired just because we weren't about to let him slip away and join the competition!
Tony Hsieh of gives $2000 cash to anyone who completes the first week of staff training if they'll quit right there! Can you imagine the culture in that business? It's not really a surprise that Zappos was acquired by Amazon for so much money".

Read the entire interview HERE.


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