Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Whole Video on the Lunge?

I am repeatedly asked about the lunge exercise. I can't think of an exercise that has elicited more inquires and more disdain, than the simple act of lunging. I classify the lunge as a primitive pattern and one that I teach to 98% of my clientèle. Why? It simulates the most basic of human movements: walking=jogging=running. However, so many people complain about knee pain and discomfort when performing the lunge. They miss out on its benefits because they experience more pain than good. So when it was time to conduct a new workshop for my new group of personal trainers, I had to address this exercise. Close to every trainer I have ever come across over the years, has always commented on how the lunge exercise is the most dreaded movement by their clients. It was important that I share with the workshop group, what I believe to be some of the reasons why most people experience discomfort of disliking of the lunge:

1.) Exercise programs are designed without following a clear movement assessment
2.) Clients are not properly progressed to the lunge movement.

Most trainers "rush" their clients to the lunge exercise. I never understood why. It is a difficult exercise to execute correctly and should be broken down into parts. Each part should be mastered and then finally, load should be introduced. But many trainers love the fact that the lunge exercise is challenging. They love that it creates a humbling experience for exercisers and it leaves its signature lowerbody soreness 24 hours later.

The lunge is a too beneficial of a movement to be excluded because your clients fear the soreness that may accompany it, or the discomfort it may elicit. No exercise should ever cause pain, and therefore,  it goes without saying that the lunge is simply not understood well enough and is misused in programs. It was time that I addressed these issues and more in my new workshop video happily titled "Lunging to Improved Performance". Check out a sneak peek:


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