Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winner of the NASM Business Development Course

A couple of weeks back, I pitched the NASM Business Development online course that is available for all NASM certified personal trainers as a continuing education credit. The National Academy of Sports Medicine does a tremendous job molding trainers into potent professionals and  they created a course focused solely on business development was an outstanding idea.

I got a call from one of the project managers at NASM late last year and was asked to author 3 chapters for the Business Development course. I was excited and grateful to be selected. I had a mountain of experience working with tons of young trainers and other fitness professionals--both as a manager and department head and also as a fellow trainer. I squeezed as much situational and applicable information into these 3 chapters. Along with other contributors,  the Business Development course was finally complete early  this year. I got a chance to check it out and complete it. It is AWESOME!

I was also given 2 password keys to pass along to someone else. I awarded one to a staff trainer and I wanted to award one to a reader that could convey to me the best reasons why they want to continue on as a professional in the personal training field and how passionate they are. The winner is Andy Chasse. Here is Andy's submission paragraph:

I’m a 21-year old college student only a year away from graduating with a BS in Kinesiology. So far, I’ve maintained above a 3.5 GPA in my major. I’ll be sitting for the CSCS in the fall. That being said, I’m thankful for all of the great opportunities I’ve been given and I’m proud of myself for catching them, rather than letting them slip out of my hands as so many others have done and continue to do.
I attained my NASM-CPT certification just one week after being handed my high school diploma. I managed to land a job at a gym nearby several days later. That first personal training job was nerve wracking, to say the least - but it made me realize that fitness IS where my passion lies. Fitness is right up there with breathing for me, as corny as that sounds. I live to further my own athletic pursuits, as well as improve the lifestyle of so many others that are in need of and willing to take help. To do this, I need to continue to learn.

I’ve trained in various gyms over the last 3 years and it has been a series of ups and downs. During my second year of college, I set up a website and managed to attain a few independent clients. It was great while it lasted, but I was obviously lacking the skills necessary to maintain my own personal training business. That’s okay, I thought - I’m young and I’ve got time.

After my article was featured in your e-mag, I dove into freelance writing. I managed to land several contracts with private clients and was able to build not only my network, but my knowledge and skills. It’s actually funny that you posted this opportunity when you did…as I’m about to start a new job where I’ll be responsible for the entire personal training program. I’m nervous, but excited - who knows where it might lead?

This new position is just another step that will help to build my career in this industry. I’m big on goals, I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish. Since I began training, one of those goals involved being able to support myself by running my own personal training business. I think it’s almost time to make that happen. But first, I need more experience in the gym, making sales and developing a business model. I’m being given the opportunity to build this club’s personal training program from the ground up and I would gladly welcome anything that will help to ensure that I am successful in this endeavor. I read as much material as I can get my hands on regarding exercise and the fitness industry and I’d be oh so very grateful if I was given the chance to delve into the business side of personal training, an aspect that I’m greatly lacking in.[END]

Thanks Andy. best of luck with the course and your career!


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