Monday, March 8, 2010

FREE NASM Business Development Course Giveaway!

As a contributor to the new NASM Business Development for the Club Fitness Professional,  I had a chance to check out the completed product and I am blown away! This course covers everything! From understanding your role as a club fitness professional; understanding your client's mentality; and  setting up a business model--there is no stone left unturned! No other organization has a tried and true success recipe for the personal trainer than the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It is THE certifying body for our profession. Period.

With that in mind, I am a BELIEVER in continuing your education--both in applicable and professional growth. This course is entirely online and will give you the direction to shoot for with your career.

For a limited only, I have giving away one FREE course! I know times may be tough with purchasing continuing eduction credits, and therefore,  I am giving the course completely free to the reader that gives me the best synopsis of their career, passion, and experience.

In order to receive this course entirely free of charge, you must supply your name, email address, and a paragraph or two describing your career direction and how you want to improve upon the experience you have already gained. The winner will selected and will be emailed a code with a user-name and password to gain access to the online course. Upon completion of the course, NASM will award you 1.0 CEC towards your certification. This course is regularly $249. Check out what's included in this course.

Remember, you must meet 3 criteria to be eligible for this contest:
1.) You must be a NASM certified trainer in good standing.
2.) You must be in the field of personal training for a minimum of 2 years.
3.) You must submit 1-2 paragraphs describing your passion for your business and growth as a professional.

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  1. Great idea John!
    Thankfully there are professionals like you in our industry.

  2. Thank Robert. You were are alos a great professional in our industry. One of teh best on nutrition taht i have eve come across!


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