Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free the Hips Feedback

It's hard to believe that I have produced 6 instructional workshop videos. Among them, Free the Hips has become a favorite among my readers simply because it covers a topic that many exercisers find intriguing. Targeting the hip complex for overall performance enhancement and better low back functionality has become a mainstay in many advanced and experienced exerciser's programs. One of those exercisers sent me a nice note regarding Free the Hips:

"John, Just wanted to drop you a line about Free the Hips. I loved it and I found it helpful for my own training, as well as my clientèle. I really liked the quick anatomy lesson, describing the location and function of the hip flexors and extensors. I found the demonstrations of posterior and anterior pelvic tilts, causes of the tilt, and who’s likely to have some type of pelvic tilt very intriguing.

The part of the video that gets to the meat and potatoes… specific exercises to help ‘free the hips’. There are various glute med and glute max exercises, psoas activation exercises, dynamic warmup drills, hip mobility drills, DL stretch, etc. I like the fact that you 'cite" where you get some of your exercises (most notably Mike Boyle and others), but I like the ones you made up too.I think the best thing about your video and your others is the fact that you demonstrate them first, then have your students do them (in the video). Your workshops  seem to get you alot of  "hands on" time to make sure the drills are done properly by your attendees. I followed along, and while some were new and a touch awkward at first (like the cross over lunge), I could tell each move would do what it was intended to do – increase muscle activation and hip mobility.

You are a very well spoken person, and you have surprisingly very quick feet! Thank you for this awesome product!

Steve Olgearry
Baltimore, MD

Check out Free the Hips DVD and tune into the preview video here.


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