Monday, February 8, 2010

The Business of Making People Happy

Trainers: what are we really in the business of? Ask yourself: what you are in the business of?
50% of trainers will respond by saying something towards the effect, "I'm in the business of getting people in better shape"...or "I'm in the business of making my athletes better". Although those are all true, the ROOT of our business is making our clients happy by improving their lives. We improve their lives by using exercise as a vehicle. Exercise can be used in the form of group classes, bootcamps, athletic settings, or conditioning. The lowest common denominator of our job is to improve our client's outlook on life.
I asked the very passionate Juan Carlos Santana a similar question and this was his response:
JOHN: It is all too obvious that your passion for fitness has elevated you to the top of the industry. It seems that the passion to understand "fitness is a journey to discovering yourself" is lost among fitness professionals. Do you think that true "genuine-ness" and passion are prerequisites for success as a fitness professional?

JC: I think realizing how fitness plays a roll in teaching all of the wonderful principles we are losing in society will certainly allow any fitness professional to inspire and motivate any client. However, we (the fitness industry) still think we are in the business of fitness and exercises. We are no more in that business as a surgeon is in the business of scapulas or a carpenter is in the hammer business. We are in the “Make people happy by improving their lives” business! AND, that is done through inspiration and motivation! Fitness is the vehicle and exercises/workout/programs are the tools we use to improve their lives (make them happier).
Most people that stay active and fit DO NOT REACH THE GOAL THEY CAME TO FITNESS WITH (99% of the times is to drop 10-20 pounds). However, they stay with their gym, trainer, or program……WHY? Cause they had another problem, and it was not a weight problem; they were not happy with the way their life was going and fitness made it better! So it is not weight loss, or exercise knowledge, that brings people to fitness (although they may think that at the onset of their journey) – they come to fitness because movement and physical effort are part of the human psyche (more so then the human body) –as much as we may have alienated ourselves from that concept. So the “lessons/benefits” of fitness are much more them meets VO2, your HR, or even your big guns!
Like what he had to say? Read the rest of JC Santana's interview here!


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