Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Poor Posture Textbooks

Question: I have horrible posture. Since I have gotten my job as a computer tech more than three years ago,  I have been suffering from sever neck and upper back pain. I want to learn what I can do to alleviate my pain and better my posture. Do you have any book suggestions? Thanks!
-- Carla, Daytona, FL

Answer: Carla, I will recommend two. One of which I actually just completed while on my honeymoon. The first is "Power Posture" by Lee Parrore.
Power Posture: The Foundation of Strength
The book is a delicate read with plenty of bold faced terms to emphasize the point the author makes in each context. The author does a good job of conjoining the intricacies of the body's natural alignment system and how the battle of gravity and poor muscle development effects it. The thing I like most about this book is the numerous amounts of bold type terms, phrases, and definitions. It really pushes home the point of many of the topics discussed. As a fitness professional, I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking to become more aware of poor posture and find ways to improve it. For the trainer, I think this book is ideal for learning what you can do for your clients to help them discover ways to incorporate better postural positions and exercises to address any core deficits.

My second recommendation is "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back" by Esther Gokhale.

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot (Remember When It Didn't Hurt)

I have received this book as a Christmas gift, so I just began reading it. However, I can say this book is jam-packed with pictures, images, and diagrams of different postures and correct standing, seated, and sleeping positions to alleviate back pain. The book does an excellent job of focusing our attention to the postures of those in other countries--emphasizing that the US has considerably become a "desk slave" and our poor postures have resulted from it. I don't think I have ever encountered a resources that showcased how customs and culture have an effect on how our bodies mature. This is definitely a learning tool for trainers. I'll be sure to post more about this book once I complete. For now, I say check it is definitely intriguing.

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  1. "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back" is great because its not a set of exercises or expensive products, its simply a method of proper posture that relieves back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and many other ailments. Good posture improves circulation and musculoskeletal health. The website is a great wealth of information:


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