Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Stimulates You...?

What motivates you? More importantly, what types of methods do you need to get motivated? Think about it. Are you the type that is motivated by aggressive, fist-pumping music like me? Pop in some Rage Against the Machine on the way to the gym or in the iPod and I guarantee you will throw one more plate on the bar:

Or are you motivated by inspiring dialog that challenges you and sets higher expectations of you? Do speeches like this give you chills?

Or lets say you get motivated by watching great feats of strength and performance? As you watch, your subconscious mind says "I can do that". Can you do this?

Maybe its a combination of all 3? Sometimes, different stimuli bring about mnemonic emotions that make us react to events in the past when we THOUGHT we had no choice, and somehow, the present gives us the power to choose. Choose to do things differently. Choose to try harder, run faster, and jump higher. Its events like this that make us remember times that we have learned from and want to improve upon:

Think about it....


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