Monday, December 7, 2009

Exercise Examination: BB Cuban Press

NAME: Cuban Press

LEVEL: Intermediate

PREREQUISITES: Good shoulder health with no apparent pain from impingement, tendonosis, or joint inflammation.

PRECAUTIONS: Risk of impingement is high during the first phase of cuban press (up phase). However, external rotators will be isolated and strengthen with this exercise. Dumbbells may be used, if barbell causes pain within shoulder.

Izzo's Take: I like it...but don't love it. I think it is a great 'warm-up' exercise for the shoulder girdle, however, I don't see many young, eager, testosterone-driven lifters going "light" on this exercise. When plates are added to the bar, essentially it becomes a clean/push press. That is fine, as long as they have progressed the exercise correctly using good form and have no apparent problems. Also, I am not sure about the author's claim that it "will increase your bench press by 30%"...I think proper technique alone will increase your bench by a certain percentage, but this exercise is great for the external rotators of the shoulder (infraspinatus and teres minor). These muscles are typically neglected in bench circles.


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