Monday, December 21, 2009

Blog Name Change

Besides it being Christmas week and the Northeast finally got hit with its first official "blizzard" of 2009, there is a HUGE change happening with this blog. As you can see, being "snowed in" all day Sunday allowed me to sit down and accomplish some projects that I have had sitting on the back burner. The first big change is the name and layout of this blog. I love the name of "A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer" really exemplified what I was trying to accomplish when I first set out to create a blog. I wanted to share what day to day occurrences I experience as a fitness professional. However, as time went on and 200+ posts later, I realized that my "blog" was not necessarily a daily journal, but a helpful guide for personal trainers and exercise enthusiasts. Always my intent to give out sound advice, I decided to part ways with that great blog title and adapt a new one. From now on, this blog will be known as John Izzo's Trainer Advice.

I'll keep the old blogger URL for a few more days, but eventually (very soon), it will be changed. Please update all your RSS feeds and bookmarks to

Thanks and I hope you will continue to enjoy the content!

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