Monday, November 2, 2009

Why I Created Shatterproof Spine

I work with a number of clients that exhibit the same commonalities:

They sit for a majority of their day.
They are not as active as they want to be.
They like to play golf, yet don't train to play golf.

They complain of low back problems.

When I was young, I had a cousin who kept his hot rod car in one of my Dad's garages for storage. It was a beauty. It was a 1967 Chevy Impala. It was a monster and it had an engine in it that would roar. My cousin used to stop by the house every other week simply to start up the engine and give it some gas. He never took it anywhere, he just simply came over to turn it over and give it a quick shine. One day, he revved it up so much that the picture frames around the house would fall off the walls. One morning, I walked outside to talk to my cousin. He was about 12 years older than me, so he usually thought of me as his "lil' cuz". I asked him why he comes over once in a while to simply start his car and rev it up for a few minutes.

As he polished the hood, the engine purred like a huge wild lion. He looked at me and said, "...because I need to rev it up once in a while so the battery doesn't die."

Today, I think back to that simple statement. Many of the clients I see are like that old Chevy Impala sitting in the garage. They are sedentary for a huge portion of the day, and then they attempt to get up and play 18 holes of golf. When they attempt to "be active" they suffer injuries because they haven't "revved up their muscular system". Like the car that is stored, it's engine needs to be turned over once in a while to keep it running smoothly.
Back to Shatterproof Spine...I noticed alot of the low back issues I was encountering were mechanical issues that could be helped with simple stretching and auxiliary exercise work. With every client that I met that had no previous medical history of disc injuries, we did some direct muscular work on that area and within week's time, low back pain began to disappear. The more education that went into each session, a new found understanding for preventing low back pain formed. And those clients that did sit all day, were able to make the 1 o'clock tee off without any low back pain.
Arming exercisers and trainers with this experience and information (taken from Stuart McGill's book, Low Back Disorders) was the basis of an easy-to-understand resource for a very common--yet resolving condition.
Have you gotten your copy yet?


  1. Is there an option to pay to download this DVD? This sounds like it'd be useful for me as I match most of the commonalities you list but I'm from the UK.

  2. Jake,
    I can send you the hardcopy of the video. 60% of orders are from overseas. Shipping is same as US.


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