Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 5 Easiest Clients to Attain...#2 Brides-to-Be

As we wind down to the easiest client market to attain, it is obvious that they begin to show a common theme. Each group has a "need" that has to be recognized or discovered. Typically, this is accomplished by the client solely, but often times, it is achieved with the help of the fitness professional. The trainer should be skilled at "creating the need" or "motioning the need". Getting the wheel turning can be a an easy feat---but keeping it training faster and faster is a ongoing project. Here is number two...

#2 Brides to Be

A bride-to-be has alot on her plate. Besides planning one of the biggest days of her life, she also has the burning fervor to look attractive and desirable to her groom and guests. Let's face it, a wedding is a big stage to be on for one day and with all the attention on the bride and groom, it only makes sense to feel comfortable in your own skin. The desperation felt by a bride is caused by the "deadline"" she has. Her "need" to look good equate to feeling good. A bride wants to look attractive, feel attractive---look desirable and feel desirable. Those emotions turn into obsessions with physique alteration. Throw in a deadline (wedding date), and you have a perfect environment for an easy sale.

Most trainers also develop bridal bootcamps--which become successful selling points for all brides and women involved with such an event. Personally, the "weight" of a wedding day is enough momentum to carry into training sessions. The trainer is responsible for keeping the bride to be engaged and committed to the exercise program leading up to the stressful days before the wedding.


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