Monday, October 5, 2009

Top 5 Easiest Clients to Attain

Take it from a personal trainer who actually trains and makes his living finding clients to train.

Over the years, I have seen "trends"--commonalities in the people that walk in and inquire about my services. The first few years, I didn't quite understand how to sell my services. I tried to sell to everyone the same way. All I talked about was the "benefits of exercise can do this, this, and this..."

Blah, blah, blah...everyone knows the benefits of exercise. Its everywhere. So they don't need me to sell them on that.

However, when I began to see trends in the common needs of the customers coming up to me, I realized that I can tailor my presentation based on what I observed and what I was told through my initial rapport. Let's face it, initial marketing does not end until they sign the contract and you receive the first payment. (And even after that, marketing your services doesn't end, but by then the results your clients achieve become your marketing).

I realized that if I can accentuate and emphasize certain aspects of my sales presentation, I can get them to agree with me more and more. The more they agreed with me, the more I knew they were going to buy my services. Don't get me wrong. This took me years to understand. This took alot of effort to decipher the common "signs" that I would see when a potential client walked in with a spouse, parent, or friend. I call it Client Profiling. I talk about this at length here.

So, once I learned how to curtail my service description to them, I realized that I had the power to get clients depending on how much effort I put in to earn their trust, and ultimately, their money. Sounds like trickery, right? Wrong. There are no tricks. Results were achieved. There were no empty promises. I want to help the right candidates, and in order for me to do that, I need to convince them that I am the right person to do so.

So I came up with 5 specific target markets that I realized are very easy markets to sell to. My rankings are based on how EASY it is to close the sale for each group. Don't get me wrong...many factors go into each sales presentation--season, time of the year, schedule, dedication, support, history, etc, etc...

I have to take these factors into account when formulating my rankings. In the end, they are based on how precise I am in pressing the right "buttons" that initiate a customer to agree that I am the right person to lead them to their goals, and eventually pay my fees. My list will describe the specific groups in order of most successful and easily attained. These rankings may fluctuate depending on your own community, locale, and demographics. So here is my number #5:

#5.) Young Athletes with Overzealous Parents

Parents of young athletes always have dollar signs in their eyes when they look at junior's young athletic career. They think they will be the parent of the next recipient of a 5-year extended contract and 20 million dollar salary. Truth is, aspirations are nice to have...but chances are slim. However, they will rob from junior's college fund to hire a trainer to help their child "reach the next level". Whatever the next level is--the most important thing is to make it fun, safe, and sport-specific. Parents are always eager to have their child participate in training "just like the pros"; and they will pay top dollar for it. If you say the right things to a parent, they will take those dollar signs and put them into your pocket.


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