Friday, September 25, 2009

Trainer Professionalism Tip #5

In this age of text messages, email, and voicemails, there really is not a way to escape communication. Unless, you choose to. However, as a fitness professional trying to maintain a business during tough economic times, it is encouraged for you to show courtesy and professionalism towards your customers--even when you are not training them. What does that mean? Professionally speaking, it is always wise to return messages--email or voicemail--within a 24 hour period.

Trainers that let messages slide to voicemail or the recycle bin without any acknowledgment, can be seen as careless, inadequate, and amateurish. The easiest way to lose business, is to neglect your clients when they contact you for any means. Seems unreasonable, right. Well, cumulatively speaking if you neglect a paying customer for so long, something will suffer.

  • Your client called to tell you they can't make next week's appointment? Call them back and reschedule.

  • Your client's neighbor called and wants to meet with you for a possible session. Call them back while the pot (motivation) burns hot.

  • Client calls you to find out the name of a certain product. Call them back and give them the information.

You will be surprised at how much respect you can gain by simply taking a few minutes out of your day to return phone calls or emails. As part of every business model, customer satisfaction also means treating them with courtesy. Plan an hour in your day to return messages. I prefer using email. 90% of my clientele uses email to contact me and it works well, because it cuts down on the phone chatter, and I can be sure to keep all emails as record.


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