Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Most Precious Commodity: Time is such a precious thing. Many of us don't have enough of it; while some of us have plenty of it. Some of us would give anything to save ourselves some time. The world moves so time seems to resemble the fading sun at the end of the day (which always seems to be more and more near). We play with our kids with one eye on the clock; and we lose time everyday doing many futile tasks that equal to little or nothingness.

Nowadays I train at my private facility; however there are times I hit up the local commercial gym to change up the scene. As I stand in the middle of the gym floor on any given day around four in the afternoon, I see so much time wasted. Like a car driving endlessly around the neighborhood, depleting its fuel tank...or coins be thrown over a cliff until the pockets are saddens me to see so many gym goers "report" to the gym and become almost 'robotic' during their routines. Their exercise routine seems like a mindless waste of precious time--time that they can be spent with loved ones, completing tasks, and enjoying life. Just like those coins and fuel being depleted, so do our lives.

In over 20 years of exercising and participating in fitness myself, I have only learned the importance of making my workouts more time efficient. I have only learned this as I have gotten older because time has become more and more scarce in recent years. With children, business, and added responsibilities, it has made me more aware of making the time to take care of myself. Long are the days of spending hours in the gym. Those are great for the younger folk, but nowadays I crank out a great workout in just under 40 minutes:

We aspire to enhance the quality of our lives, but our efforts almost deplete the very life we are trying to save.
Do yourself a favor...enjoy your life. Don't be so hard on yourself for wanting to eat that barbecue rib at your cousin's cookout; or if you'd rather stay home with a loved one; or want to see a movie rather than hit the gym. If you are confident in your commitment to your goal, there is always another day to resume your journey.


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