Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Get Started in Personal Training?

Just want to drop a quick post about my new project with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am working with them on a new course that will aid many solo fitness professionals. I can't go into too much detail about the project, but it is titled "Business Development for the Independent Fitness Professional".

I firmly believe that the NASM has developed the most complete and comprehensive personal training course available. It is--without hesitation--the number one certifying body that I look for when hiring trainers, and one that I truly believe can help you be the best fitness professional you can possibly be.

What does being the best mean?

It means delivering results for your clients, as well as earning a distinction among your peers and potential customers. The organization is strong, supportive, and distinguished among a sea of so-called other "certifying bodies".

Sure you can start your career with a foot-in-the-door certification, but now NASM has put together a terrific course for those that are just starting out. The Introduction to Personal Fitness Training course contains three chapters from me that detail what to expect in the personal training profession and gets you ready for the NASM-CPT course.

During these tough economic times, changing a career or starting one are not easy feats. Being prepared is your best weapon and NASM helps you do that. Pick up your copy of the course today!


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