Friday, August 28, 2009

Shatterproof Feedback

Here is some nice feedback I've received regarding my Shatterproof Spine DVD:

"I just finished watching the Shatterproof Spine DVD and it is a great resource! I have all sorts of ideas swirling in my head just so I can incorporate some of the exercises into my clients exercise program so that they'll have stronger, pain free lower backs. The thing I like about John's products is that they are information packed and yet they are priced just right so that you won't go broke while learning and getting better at your craft. Thanks for another great product, John!"

--Anna D.

This is great to hear because this is an example as to why I create the products that I do. I create products so that the information contained can be used immediately, and incorporated in an exercise program. Be it as a personal trainer or an exerciser, we are all prone to low back injuries and discomfort--so I conducted this workshop--and ultimately--created this video, to address those problem areas. Its great to hear that the information was usable and affordable!!

Thanks Anna for the great feedback!
Now...where is YOUR copy?


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