Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Most Influential People in My Life....#9

#9 Judge Judy Sheindlin
Gosh darn it...I have a thing people that know how to give other people a dose of reality. Judge Judy is one of those people. She is on my list at number 9. Growing up, I use to love watching court shows beginning back in the 1980's with The People's Court (remember Judge Wapner?) As a family, we used to sit around after dinner and watch The People's Court together, and I got kick out of how a judge is investigative, compassionate, and extremely deliberative. Then in the mid-1990s, Judge Judy came...and she brought a whole new attitude to the bench.

I am attracted to people that have no problem setting "the record straight". It has helped me over the years, as a fitness professional, I try to be as genuine, concrete, and honest as I brutally can be. Today, I still catch an episode here and there of Judge Judy, and she always impresses me. Even though she may lose her cool now and then (sometimes quicker than the last), she always seems to have the facts straight--even when she begins to bug out--and she always comes out being fair. Most times when people lose their composure, they slip up and make a mistake. Judge Judy always knows her stuff and always walks the straight path of right and justice. I think that if you are a fan of watching good debate and interaction--whichever forum you choose--I think you have to admire those that can argue or present facts with a demeanor that is authoritative and direct. Judge Judy is very adamant of others taking responsibility for the choices they make and dealing with the consequences. Sounds like a conversation a fitness professional may have with an overweight client. Something that I think, most fitness professionals should consider when they try to debunk myths with clients that refuse to listen.
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