Friday, August 7, 2009

Most Influential People in My Life...#8

#8 Gene Simmons of KISS
I know, I the heck did he fall into my list? When I was growing up, I was a rabid KISS fan (still am from time to time). I loved the music, I loved the make-up, costumes, stage show, persona...everything. I got to see KISS twice in my life (one show without make-up-1992) and one with make-up-1996). I remember as a young punk listening to "Black Diamond" or "God of Thunder", I would be entranced whenever I read something about KISS--be it a commercial, new toy, product, or TV special. I mean, let's face the early days of KISS, they were all over the place. I owned every album, stayed up all night to watch TV specials of them, and even picked up a guitar to learn a few KISS songs.
Looking back now as I am older, I realized that KISS wasn't only popular--but all those special appearances and products were KISS marketing themselves. Now that I am older, I realized that KISS really was a "machine" that made itself money. As Gene Simmons of KISS became more popular with his syndicated TV show and reunion tours, he opened up more and more about his transparency when it comes to making money. He is not afraid to admit he loves his money, loves making it, but the thing that intrigues me more and more about Gene Simmons is his unfaltering work ethic. Sure he has been called an "a$$hole" and "money whore", but Gene and the rest of KISS put out 2 albums a year from 1974 to 1978. Two whole albums...followed by tours! Some bands nowadays are lucky to put out an album every other year. Look at album every 4 years? Bon album every 3-5 years? So back in the day, Gene and the boys really worked their asses off to put new material together and make money.

"Its not only about having a job, its about the labor." - Gene Simmons

There is something about this statement that I agree with. In this interview Gene mentions it:

Today, as a fitness professional I have been blessed to work with clients that provide me feedback daily. Everyday, my clients perform an inventory assessment of my skills, coaching abilities, customer service, and professionalism. With that feedback, I constantly work towards making improvements and refining my skills. The only way I accomplish this, is through the labor that I put in of training my clients. That is the only tool I have to improve myself. So many fitness marketing experts claim that you can work a measly 4 hours a week and make a 7-figure salary. I think it is bogus. They claim that they themselves, are millionaires. I think it is bogus. I think that alot of fitness marketers LIMIT themselves when they stick to one mainstream of money making ability. They lost their work ethic. They became "entitled". They think they became "entepeurners"...but in reality, they simply became lazy.
So how do you make more money? Gene Simmons has an answer for that:

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