Friday, August 14, 2009

Most Influential People in My Life...#5

#5 Barack Obama
And no...not only because he is our President, but he has a stature about him that draws people to him. I am one of those people that likes to watch C-SPAN and listen to alot of delegates and politicians speak. I have always been drawn to people that speak well in public. People that have the ability to engage a crowd's attention have always garnered my attention. I seem to emulate my speaking abilities around the examples that I tend to watch from time to time.

In college, I actually hated my Communications class. I hated public speaking. Today, I don't mind public speaking. It wasn't until my senior year in college that I began raising my hand, initiating class discussion, and getting people to think. I liked breaking up into groups and leading the pack. If I wasn't leading, I was vocal. Since those days in college, I've always taken a liking to public speaking--in general. Sometimes I am "caught" watching some speaker ramble on a podium and someone will walk into the room and ask, "John, what the heck are you watching?"

It is the sheer attraction of how people can command others simply through vocal tone and volume that causes me get chills up my spine. No other presentation really gave me more goose bumps than the first time I heard Barack Obama speak at the 2004 Demographic Convention, that I was captivated by every word he said---not only "what" he said, but more importantly, "how" he said it:
Can you imagine speaking with conviction to your clients day in and day out and eliciting the actions that you want them to partake it and getting the results expected? Think of your high-school coach, guidance counselor, or parent-anyone that has ever brought the best out of you simply by giving you words of encouragement, motivation, and steadfastness. We as fitness professionals talk a big game when it comes to the textbooks, formulas, and programming. But how many of us actually succeed, when we try to deliver that information to our clients? Some look at you with a glossy-eyed look and it goes in one ear and out the other. really sticks because you look them in the eye and speak with conviction, truth, and with unequivocal tone.


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