Monday, August 3, 2009

Most Influential People in My Life...#10

For the month of August, I want to share with you some of the people or figures that have influenced and inspired me in my personal life and career. I think it is important to always recognize those that have helped shape you in your life, and "reveal" them to others so that the commonalities in character and ideals can be identified. Some of the figures I list you may have heard of...some of them, you have not because they are people that I have come across in my personal life that have inspired me. I believe that inspiration is reciprocal. Fitness professionals inspire their clients and successful trainers become inspired by their clients.

So without further a do, here is my top 10 list of most influential figures in my life (in order):

#10) Bruce Lee

Back in the 1980's, I was really into martial arts. I didn't participate in any classes or take karate classes, but I was a 12 year old kid that really took to the prowess, physique, and fighting skills of martial artists. I remember vividly, my fascination with ninjas. I dressed up as a ninja for Halloween, spent hours in the bookstore reading all the martial art magazines, and even ordered me some shurikens and nunchucks. I would watch Kung-fu theater on Saturday afternoons, and I would practice karate moves with my two cousins. One day, I watched "Enter the Dragon" with Bruce Lee. I was in awe of his INTENSITY, his self-control, and his peacefulness. Back then, VHS movies were popular and my cousins and I would run to the store and rent all the Bruce Lee's movies including: Fists of Fury, The Chinese Connection, and Game of Death. I read countless articles on Bruce Lee, and when I was able to listen to him speak..I always (and still do!) got goosebumps

To me, his fighting skills were secondary to his dedication to training; his philosophy on life and fighting; and his tenacity to make something of himself. Bruce was intense and took life by the horns. He resembled to me how a figure can be so intense, so engulfed in the very energy that he creates; yet still seek the humility and humanity in his skills. It was unfortunate that Bruce Lee died. He died in year before I was born. Yet, his words and his skills affect me every time I read something fascinating about his life. If you are unfamiliar with Bruce Lee; or only know him as a kung fu fighting, cat squealing, ass kicking Asian guy who played 'Kato', I suggest you watch the pseudo-documentary on his life: Dragon.

Stay tuned for #9...


  1. Nicely put John, its amazing how many people have been influenced by him.
    He's higher up on my list.
    Also your blog is awesome, I've just started in the personal training game and I'm trying to absorb everything I can. Thanks.

  2. No doubt Bruce Lee should be higher. But there have been literally hundreds of people that have influenced me in my life, that making the top 10 out of awesome.


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