Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most Influential People in My Life....#1

Ahhh...we made it and I am happy to define my parents as my number one most influential people in my life. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Izzo came to this country from their native Italy to make a better life of me and my sister. They came at the height of the European immigration spurt in the 1960's and had aspirations of the American dream the entire way. My father was a hard-working man with calloused hands and a voice that demanded attention every time he spoke. His words were true to conviction and his work ethics was unparalleled. My mother was the strength of the family and worked long hours herself in a sewing factory, while coming home every evening to prepare dinner and dish out our chore duties. My father was a strong man who demanded nothing but the best through hard work; and my mother was a woman who stressed education over brawn.
Both of my parents have instilled in me the many attributes that make me a great coach. I am tough--but understanding. I am empathetic--but never sympathetic. I am direct and transparent--always clear and concise in my expectations and instructions. My patience has grown more temperamental over the years, and I attribute that to my trade. I believe in hard work and efficiency. Be smart and both of these actions will drive you to success.
Hardwork can be an uncanny 'love' doesn't have to be a hardship. Learning more about what you love is a process of self dedication and self-investment that in the long run, WILL pay off. In a matter of time, you will see and understand that the work you put into your career, life, family, or studies will allow you to enjoy your life more because you have become a better person through it. Stay strong!


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