Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacuums, Online Marketers, and the Woeful Trainer

The other day I was checking out vacuum cleaners with my fiancée at the department store. I have this thing with vacuums. I vacuum frequently and I like upright units. My fiancée likes "cannister" vacuums (the kind with the tube and the unit with wheels that you have to drag). I find the upright vacuum cleaners to be more convenient to use and easier to maneuver. Well, as we listened to the department store salesman give us his pitch for the more expensive vacuum cleaner-which happened to be the cannister type--he drew the attention of my fiancée with ease and enthusiasm. We told him our differences in opinions on units, but he knew that my fiancée was easy "prey" and he figured he can make the easy sale if he continued to promote the unit of her choice. He was thinking easy commission all the way.

Like a lion smelling the gazelle's scent for his next meal, the salesman knew exactly what to say as my fiancée has a hard time remaining "indifferent". As I stood there with arms folded and waiting politely for "Raj" to finish his pitch, I thought how this same situation occurs online every day.

Everyday on-line, fitness marketers do their best to convince the frustrated trainer to purchase a "secret program that will teach them to make 6 figures..." Everyday on-line there is a marketer preying on some frustrated trainer---that is is actually training clients--to lure them into some on-line product "to make them millionaires."
And I notice that the trend is to prey on the weak gazelle--like my fiancée who was eating up everything this salesman was dishing out. The only thing that stopped her from purchasing the vacuum cleaner was me (actually pulling her away). But everyday, frustrated trainers are pouring money into programs that promise shorter days, less work, and more, much more pay. Does that exist in this field? Sure it does...but I will tell you secret...FOR FREE!
Want to know the SECRETS to becoming a great trainer?

Wanna make your own hours?

Wanna work only 4-5 hours a day and spend the rest of your time playing with your kids or running errands?

Want to have a waiting list and have clients refer their spouses, friends and neighbors to you?
Want to be recognized as an "expert" both online and in 'real life'?
Here is the SECRET....
Get good.

That's it. Just get good. Period.

When you are a good trainer, you get clients the results they desire. When you get clients the results they desire, they tell their friends about you because their friends start asking how your client has suddenly changed. Your clients become walking billboards of your skills. When you have 10 happy clients singing your praises, you get 5-6 referred to you. When you are in high demand, consumers view you as a "NECCESSITY", rather than a luxury.
When that mindset takes place, the consumer views putting up $500 for your training services JUST AS important as replacing the gutters on the house. It becomes a "need be" service. When it becomes a "need be" service around the dinner table, there is no discussion. It is a done deal.

When you become a NECCESITY, your clients will pay you whatever you want to be paid. If this is the case, you can work only a few hours a day and make time for other things in your life. The less "ties" you have in your daily life, the less stressed you become. If you are less stressed, you can get more things done pertaining to your practice like:

- research

- network

- write informative articles

- help other trainers
Back to my vacuum story. Everyday, I see marketers pitch the "ease" of making millions, but the truth is you make success by either being good (and then eventually GREAT) at your craft, or you "know someone" (have a connection). If you pick the latter route, I guarantee you when the chips fall, they will not be there to help you. But if you choose to invest in yourself and become great...THAT will stay with you forever!


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