Monday, July 27, 2009

Using the Ground

What do I think of fitness professionals that teach golfers the wackiest exercises--so long that their client is holding a golf club to validate the exercise? Take the example above from my presentation in my upcoming new DVD, "Shatterproof Spine". A fitness professional insists that a golfer should probably "learn" how to balance, and use their "core" during a golf swing. So what better way of accomplishing this, by placing their client kneeling on a stability ball? If your golfer is not down with that drill, place a golf club in his hands and everything will be alright in his mind.

Hey, you're supposed to swing it...right?

Well, one key factor is missing: the ground.

In order to "fire" the appropriate musculature to execute a fine swing, the feet must be connected to the ground. In order to produce power, the ground acts as leverage to facilitate that sequence. In order to execute that optimally, the "core" musculature brace to stabilize the spine. In order to brace successfully, you have to create "leverage" using the ground. You cannot do that on top of a stability ball, balance board, or BOSU.

Know the ground you walk on and use it to your advantage. Your advantage is better performance in sport and injury prevention!


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