Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trainer Professionalism Tip #4

Hide your tribal band tattoo. There is no reason to"express yourself" to your client, boss, or fellow lifters. You express yourself with weights in the gym.

Grooming is very important if you plan on being taken seriously and treated like a professional in this industry. Trainers that feel the need to expose their 16 inch arms and tribal band tattoo simply create the perception that you want to be:

1.) an intimidator

2.) want to impress

3.) feel insecure about your knowledge so you re-affirm your stature as a "fitness professional", by showing off your best asset: arms. What's a sundae without a cherry on top for effect? Same principle with a tribal band tattoo.

I know we live in an age of self-expression. However, the way you act and present yourself is directly correlated to how you are treated and revered. Pull down your sleeves and impress your client, boss, or fellow lifters with results.


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