Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trainer Professionalism Tip #3

When your client is performing an exercise, try keeping your eyes on their form. Mirrors are great, but they are not there for you check out your hair or how you look in your new shirt, or to flex your triceps or lats. Mirrors are not really needed in fitness centers or weightlifting rooms. But they do help when a trainer instructs a client during a specific exercise.
People learn using visuals, auditory cues, or kinesthetic cues--or a combination of all three. Utilize the mirror to make your instruction more effective. I know at times it is an innocent glance at your appearance in a mirror, but there is no need to "stare" at yourself.

Concentrate on how you can improve upon your client's exercise program by increasing the intensity and focus on the session.


  1. I see this quite a bit at my gym, John! Great tip!

  2. you mean i shouldn't be working on my quad flex while training clients? darn!



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