Monday, July 6, 2009

No Gym Necessary = No Excuses

In all my years, I think I've heard just about every excuse in the book and one of the biggest are holiday excuses.

"I'll get back on track after Christmas".

"Or I will get back on track after New Years".
And next thing you know we are at another holiday party with an excuse to over eat, over indulge and then we feel like crap and don't even want to exercise. And with July 4th just passing I hear the same old excuses.

There will always be a holiday around the corner, or a birthday or something to get you off track. It's really up to you to not make excuses for yourself and not get sidetracked.

My good friend Personal Trainer Virgil Aponte created a fantastic fitness program based on this simple concept. Success lies with you and excuses are simply not necessary. It's called No Gym Necessary or NGN for short.

The program reveals how you can use a series of exercises called Get Fit Anywhere to get you fit anyplace and anytime. Then he goes to on to teach you the NGN Training Secrets:

NGN Walking Secret
NGN Running Secret
NGN Stairs Secret

To put it simple...there is no excuse necessary because as Virgil says you are blessed with the most amazing piece of equipment you are ever gonna have:
Your own mind and body man!
That will always be more than enough to get the job and then some. Go visit Virgil's web site as he has a special offer on his NGN training program which comes along with some great bonuses
for a limited time.

Check out NGN here.


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