Monday, June 1, 2009

A Strength Coach's Acumen

Over the years, there have been a number of people that I have learned from and look up to in this profession. Whenever I am asked who, in recent memory have I learned the most from, I can’t get the image of Eric Cressey out of my head. Here is a guy, that at the tender age of 27, has influenced how so many strength coaches and trainers design exercise programming and handle their athletes/clients. Eric has developed a number of quality products in the field of exercise, but in my opinion, it was his Magnificent Mobility DVD (co-produced with Mike Robertson), that really propelled Eric into the big league ranks. I own it and I recommend. I also read Eric’s book, “Maximum Strength: Get Your Strongest Body in 16 Weeks with the Ultimate Weight-training Program”. If you don’t own this book already, I highly recommend you add it to your bookshelf—AFTER IT’S BEEN READ…of course. There also only a handful of blogs I check on a daily basis. Yes, Eric’s blog is one of them. For two reasons: His posts are highly informative as they always seem to reinforce or shed light on something, and they are contagiously entertaining! A great read and put together in a way that will not bore you; and ensure that it will stick.

I contacted Eric and requested an interview. I know the guy is super-busy…not only training athletes, but training himself. And now with his recent engagement, he is going to really get “super-busy”…as wedding planning can be as tough as a 600 lb. deadlift, after Thanksgiving dinner. In this interview, I try to touch upon different avenues of Eric Cressey’s training methodologies, business model, and his development as a premier strength coach. As expected, Eric doesn’t fail to engage the reader and uncover a lot of details about his business (Cressey Performance); his time-management skills, and what he deals with on a daily basis.
Read the interview with Eric Cressey here.


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